What is MilSim Airsoft – Extensive Answer

MilSim is a form of airsoft that incorporates realistic battlefields and military tactics in non-lethal combat experience. We have prepared this article for airsoft enthusiasts and experts who want to know what is MilSim airsoft and how they can be a part of it.

what is milsim airsoft
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If you want to take the next step in airsoft, then MilSim is for you. Stick with us as we go into more detail.

What are the Branches of MilSim?

The following are the branches of MilSim airsoft:

i. Historical re-enactment

ii. Simulation

Historical Re-enactment

The goal of a historical MilSim event is to re-enact previous military disputes like the Gulf War, Vietnam war, Dominican Republic, Panama, world war I and world war II. A significant number of these events have stern directives as regards clothing, ammunition, and gadgets that can be used.

However, conducting MilSim events can be quite expensive and demanding, depending on the kind of equipment organizers and planners of these events are ready to use. Either way, they put in a lot of effort, time, and money. They most times pull in historical veterans to ensure their players are given first-hand experience.


The main aim of the simulation is to predict the actual behavior of a player under an unfavorable condition. So, how does a player react if he’s face to face with death and needs to save a fellow teammate? Answering this and a host of other questions is the simulation’s primary objective.

Furthermore, it makes use of extreme measures to portray realism, and its choice location is but a means to that end. During this activity, players are assigned to different tasks and assignments to carry out. These tasks help them to develop a more strategic and calculated mindset, unlike players who play the ‘run-and-gun’ games.

However, before simulation starts, players are given the synopsis of the event. They are briefed comprehensively about the narrative, the roles they are to play in it, the strategies they are to make use of, and the set rules guiding them. This way, the players are more aware, tensed up, and motivated.

Additionally, simulation helps its players to be steady and much more alert than they usually would. Simulation leaves its players feeling fascinated, enrapt, and a lot more observant as they get to participate in various aspects of the game.

Going further, we can see that MilSim is gradually becoming a more favored option for airsoft and paintball players. Continuous technological advancement has aided the recreation of historical events and has promoted MilSim’s realism.

Up until recently, airsoft and paintball ammunitions were regarded as unrealistic and were hardly used for training. Instead, in the place of these weapons, non-harmful weapons were used. But, in recent times, airsoft and paintball have made significant strides as they now have exact copies of real-life weapons.

These replicas are hardly distinguishable from the originals as they look original and realistic. Military units and law enforcement agencies now make use of these weapons to train.

History of MilSim Airsoft

MilSim simply means Military simulation. It is a fast-growing activity that helps in simulating realistically, the feel of military dispute. There are diverse styles of MilSim, namely: paintball, airsoft and video games. Each form has its unique ability in a realistic simulation. These MilSim forms are exact copies of weapons used in real life, and they create strong realistic impressions.

Events conducted for MilSim training usually spanned between minor military disputes, historic military combats, and law enforcement-style engagements. Large MilSim events most often had rigid entry requirements. They most times required you to train for several hours, get experience in camping and transportation management. In short, these events needed you to train for several days on end without exiting the battleground. 

However, airsoft and paintball games are distinct from MilSim itself. While MilSim’s goal is a realistic simulation, aiirsoft and paintball games are merely for sports and entertainment even though both fields rely on their candidates’ tactical mind and marksmanship.  

As times changed and the entertainment industry growing larger, MilSim became a globally recognized activity. This activity has broken the internet scene countless times as its audience are left feeling nothing but excitement.

MilSim adaptiveness is not limited to defence units alone. Leading airsoft journals described MilSim as a “ladder leading up to war and a ladder for coming back down”. This statement goes to prove that airsoft veterans take war games to be self-administered treatments.

Furthermore, airsoft experts posit that the excitement of airsoft is tied to the realism of a virtual world. In addition, a deep desire for the camaraderie and teamwork, just like you will see in real military units. Also, the pure adrenaline free from fatalities is something within the core of sports.

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Can MilSim Airsoft be Used in Video Games Development?

Airsoft MilSim’s adaptiveness extends to video games, so it is not just physical sport. Unlike many ‘run-and-gun’ games, this type of video game applies more tactical and realistic approaches, which sometimes take over the strategic shooter genre.

Games like ArmA have equipment used for realistic simulation, a mixture of tactics and entertainment, as well as for training the military officials.

Airsoft firearms are designed to be replica of real firearms. When playing this game, players are well aware that they may get exhausted, hungry, and thirsty, and means of transportation may have little or no space at all for load and consignments. They are made to understand that the system of the game is to give them first-hand experience, and hence, the need to go through “hard times.”

What are the Essentials for Airsoft MilSim?

The following are all the essentials needed for playing airsoft:

i. Camping supplies

ii. Weather appropriate equipment

iii. Backup items

Camping Supplies

Some MilSim events are more riveting than others, but if you have camping as a part of your plan, then you may need to take along some basic camping supplies like a heavy-duty flashlight, tent, fire starters, sleeping pads, and food.

The importance of these supplies cannot be overemphasized. You need to be adequately equipped for a MilSim game to get the result you so desire.

Weather Appropriate Equipment

A lot can happen during camping, most of which we do not bargain for. So, before making that trip, make sure you consider all possible weather conditions. Make sure to carry along with you a bivy bag to protect your sleeping bag, hand warmers for blood circulation, and maybe a little extra sizeable sized tent.

You can also consider carrying along Bright Orange jackets and rain pants to keep the rain off. However, you should also keep in mind your uniform requirements when selecting your kits.

Backup Items

Don’t want to be left hanging, never underestimate the power of a good back up. Remember to pack up more than one of your essential supplies; you can never have enough hand warmers, food, light, and ammunition. Take a critical look at your list of camping supplies, carry along with you back up options for fundamentally essential gear.

Video: MilSim Training

If you want to get the hang of what MilSim is all about, check out this video…

Is Starting MilSim Expensive?

To start playing MilSim airsoft is relatively expensive. In some facilities, players have to pay an entry fee before they are given access to the field, while in other areas, they just have to pay for the protective equipment and firearms rented. On average, MilSim airsoft players would spend between $10 – $35 to get access to an airsoft field for a day.

That price doesn’t include the cost of protective equipment and firearms. So you will pay more to get those items. However, if you do not want to rent, but buy airsoft BBs, they are available online and in local stores. While airsoft BBs are not all that expensive, you have to search for the high-quality ones if you do not want to have your airsoft gun jammed.

As humans, it is natural for us to factor in the cost of something before we venture into it. For this reason, a lot of persons interested in MilSim will like to know the cost involved in starting the game. As an airsoft beginner, do not buy an airsoft firearm before you begin playing airsoft. This is because you may end up buying something that does not meet your needs.

Thankfully, you can rent a variety of firearms at airsoft fields for one or two days. This gives you the opportunity of trying out the efficiency of a gun before spending your hard-earned cash on it.

You will spend over $100 if you want to rent or buy airsoft ammunitions and equipment such as rifles, pistols, magazines, masks, slings, and batteries. For you to be a good player, have fun and protect yourself, you need all this equipment.

After playing three or four games, you will know which firearms and protective equipment you prefer. Then you can purchase the first gun. You will also need to get gear, which costs between $140 – $240.

For those who are on a budget, then the best thing to do is to settle for a cheap airsoft gun and purchase lots of pellets. They are cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Also, you must purchase airsoft guns from reputable brands and individuals. So you don’t end up regretting after buying the airsoft gun.

Another way to enjoy airsoft even if you are not too well-off at the moment is to play in fields that have monthly memberships rather than daily payments. This way, you will have more playing time while paying less.

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Final Words

MilSim is quite different from the traditional airsoft most people have come to know. It incorporates ultra-realistic battlefields and military strategies in giving players the best airsoft gaming experience.

Getting into military simulation airsoft is not all that different from getting into the conventional airsoft. But you need to have more skill, endurance, tactics, and teamwork for you to succeed.

What is MilSim Airsoft – Related FAQs

How Old Do You have to be to go to a MilSim?

The minimum age limit to play at a MilSim airsoft is sixteen. For players of this age range, MilSim regulations require them to have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian, and authorized by a notary public. Ages below sixteen years are not allowed to participate in MilSim West for security and maturity reasons.

However, for American MilSim, ages 14 to 15 are allowed to participate on the conditions that one of the parents is a registered airsoft player and that the child is accompanied by the parent.

What is Milsim Arma 3?

The MilSim Arma 3 is combined arms military simulation. Combined arms MilSim is designed for airsoft players who want to play airsoft games in a friendly and organized atmosphere, while still having a lot of fun. Combined arms MilSim is built on the principle that it is open to anyone fit to play the game.

MilSim Arma 3 does not need any special membership requirement and even though it focuses on military simulation games, there are other games to play at combined arms.

Do You Need to Bring Your Gun to Airsoft?

Airsoft players need to bring a personal gun to an airsoft game. Personal rifles go a long way in helping players avoid nasty situations where the BBs are not firing, or the magazine needs a little readjustment. For the most part, the player barely has enough time to take out the opposing team so settling down to fix malfunctions will be a big setback.

So, before taking the gun to an airsoft game, check that the gun is in good working condition and ensure that the gun has a proper casing it can be kept in.

Can You Play Airsoft with Just a Pistol?

An airsoft game can be played using only a pistol. The pistol is a more compact weapon compared to AEGs and gas blowback airsoft guns, and this is quite an advantage. However, the pistol is outmatched by the AEG in terms of ammo capacity, maximum range, target accuracy and ROF.

So, to meet the AEG standard, the pistol must be upgraded. A high-grade pistol like a Tokyo Marui (TM), a KWA without a tight bore, and enough mags will be perfect for the game.

Is Airsoft a Good Hobby?

Airsoft is a good hobby. Airsoft is said to be a hobby since it can be played on a local field used for target practice, chill out with friends and also allows players to learn about guns. It can be organized on two scales, the large scale and the small scale.

Airsoft is a closed market and is not governed by a large organized body that keeps tabs on all activities and generates rules and regulations for the game.

Does the Military Use Airsoft for Training?

The military uses airsoft for training. Airsoft training is a good ground for military recruit to learn close-range tactical shooting, understand how standard firearms work and appreciate teamwork. However, not all airsoft guns can be used for training, so, some airsoft guns were specifically designed for military training. They are upgraded with custom-built muzzleloaders that amplify shot sounds to add more realism to the training.

After the enlisting stage is over, recruits are taken through standard military training since airsoft training has some limitations to it.