What is Airsoft Hop up – Clear Answer

Airsoft guns are exact replicas of real weapons used in airsoft sports. Hop-up is an essential part of an airsoft gun. It is the device responsible for adding range to shots through a principle known as the Magnus Effect. That said, in this article, you will get to know what is airsoft hop up, the types, and how it works.

What is Airsoft Hop up
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What is Hop-up on an Airsoft Gun?

Hop-up in an airsoft gun is a unit that is designed to boost its operation. It gives BBs a little assistance by facilitating faster backward spins with small friction that exist between the barrel and the surface of the gun.

The more hop or spin you have, the less impact gravity has on your BBs. The less hop you have, the more effect gravity has on your BBs.

Hop-up are also used to get the better range out of Airsoft guns. The hop-up is also used as a bucking, which is also known as hop bucking. It is a means of projection into the path of the projectile, and so, you get higher accuracy and velocity when the BBs are shot.

Airsoft is used to make BBs travel upwards, and these BBs experience lift much like wind creates lift for an aircraft. The Magnus effect causes this lift.  The Magnus effect is the phenomenon commonly believed to be associated with spinning objects. These objects can either move through air or fluid.

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What are the Types of Airsoft Hop-up?

The types of airsoft hop-up include:

I. Flat hop

ii. R hop

iii. Custom hop

Let’s take a deep dive into each…

Flat Hop

Flat hop modification is one of the simplest and most inexpensive hop-up systems. The flat hop system focuses on producing a flat surface on the BB, instead of one contact point.

Although this modification is easy to work with, it gives nearly the same result as the conventional hop. You can find the following examples of flat hop-ups on Amazon: the Prometheus (or Laylax) Flat nub and Firefly Namazu.

R Hop

The R hop is a small rubber patch that fits perfectly into an airsoft’s inner barrel. The R hop model is particularly challenging to work with. Many airsoft players have pointed out that you require practice to install an R hop expertly.  Although this model is quite difficult to work with, you can expect the best results using it. 

This modification intensifies the range and consistency of your shots. And unlike the flat hop, the R hop doesn’t nudge the BBs flatly on its top. Rather, the R hop provides a support system on top of the BBs, such that a more accurate hop is realized. The R hop takes on the structure of your BBs, generating perfect fitting over time.

If you’re having difficulty knowing what nub to use, we would suggest you use a concave patch or flat nub. An example of the R Hop is the maple leaf omega nub.

This is one of the most widely recognized hop-up accessories. The omega is specially designed to work with all maple leaf bucking series. It is highly recommended for any kind of hop-up build.

Custom Hop

Asides the R and Flat hop, there are other types of hop-up modifications. They are the S hop, G hop, and ER hop. If you want to try out different options, you can substitute these modifications for the flat hop and R hop system.

However, many airsoft players suggest that you stick to the R hop system as it gives the best results.

How does Airsoft Hop-up Work?

The hop-up of an airsoft gun applies backspin to the BB as it comes out of the barrel, thus making the BB glide easily through the air. So, when the BB finally comes out, it doesn’t fall straight to the ground.

The hop-up is a crucial part of any airsoft gun. Without hop-up, the fired BB will run out of momentum and fall straight to the ground. So, if no hop is applied, the BBs run very short. In other words, their range is small.

The location of a hop-up adjustment is usually underneath the charging handle. Once you pull the charging handle backward, the dust cover opens, and the adjusting wheel for the hop-up is revealed. However, the location of the adjustment wheel varies for different airsoft weapons.

Additionally, the hop-up parts and barrel of an airsoft gun rely on friction to operate. If they mistakenly get lube on them, the accuracy and range of your airsoft weapon will suffer. So, ensure that the entire system is continuously kept dry.

Having a vast range is pretty much useless if you cannot hit your target accurately. This is where the adjustment wheel comes in handy. If your BBs are firing upwards more than you want, you should lower hop-up. If they are hitting the ground a little too early, increase the hop-up.

Continuously do this until your BB flies as far and as straight as possible. You can set and reset your hop-up by merely turning a cog you can find underneath your weapon’s dust cover. However, endeavor to test your ammunition in an open space before using it for sports. This way, you avoid sudden, surprising hits.

So, try adjusting and readjusting your hop up and observe the results before you take it out for a real game.

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How to Adjust the Hop-up on an Airsoft Gun?

Most Airsoft weapons have a standard location for their hop-up adjustment wheel. For others, their locations vary based on the nature of ammunition and the spacing provided. So, the hop-ups are made to fit in perfectly, depending on the type of airsoft weapon.

Different models have been introduced to provide distinct adjustment levels, for ease. So, instead of racking your head about what you should do concerning a hop-up that doesn’t fit into your soft gun, you only have to know the right model to buy.

A majority of the cost-effective AEGs, for instance, possess a typical hop-up mechanism that allows airsofters to choose the level of bucking they want. This way, they can work with their desired pop.

Nevertheless, there is a considerably more elegant and more accurate rotational design of the hop-up mechanism. This design enables you to not only fire your shots without much of a hassle but also to enjoy your whole game. Who doesn’t enjoy a sport with less hassle?

Also, the adjusting wheel possesses a larger diameter as compared to the hop-up itself. And since the diameter is larger, the hop-up requires more turning and, thus, better accuracy and precision.

We cannot overemphasize the point that you need to test your weapons before carrying them to a game. So, if you are still pondering on how you can set up your soft gun, follow these guidelines.

Firstly, since you have admitted that you don’t know how to set up your replica, all of you have to do is located an open space. Locate a safe, open space to test your soft gun. Under normal circumstances, you are allowed to test your gun on an airsoft field ever before the sport starts.

So, choose a convenient spot, set up your targets, and shoot. Observe the path your BBs take. Under normal circumstances, your BB should fire straight gliding through the air, before hitting an upward arc. But since you don’t want your BBs gliding upwards, adjust your hop-up such that your BBs drop after taking a straight path.

As we pointed out earlier, you need to find a safe, open space to test your soft gun. Ensure that this area has a 50ft downrange distance minimum, and a torso sized target. 

Once you have found a convenient spot, shoot 2-3 BBs at your target and observe the path they take. If you notice your BBs taking a downward turn, increase the pop. Also, once you observe that your BBs taking are figure “B” path, lower the pop.

Furthermore, continuously set and reset your hop-up until you have a perfect hit. So, if you notice that your BBs take a slight upward arc while maintaining a straight line, before going down, take your shot. That’s the perfect adjustment for a hop-up.

What’s more, ensure that your target is not too close. You will hardly notice the impact of a hop-up if the target is too close. Take your shots on long-distance targets.

However, bear in mind that airsoft guns cannot execute exact accuracy on fired shots. This is because they do not possess a rifled barrel. The weight of your BBs can also affect your hop-up projection.

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Airsoft Hop-up Nub and Bucking Arrangement

As we have seen, the nub arrangement and hop-up are essential parts of an airsoft gun. And many airsofters have come to realize this. The hop-up nub wedges the airsoft’s bucking to enhance backspin. Many airsofters have come up with amazing DIY alternatives for hop-up nubs.

Some said they tried using an eraser, and others said a rolled wire piece. You can substitute these modifications for a rubber nub, but bear in mind that a hop-up nub cannot be made from plastic. This is because the plastic would hardly allow a BB pass through.

Final Words

So there you have it! Airsoft hop-up plays a vital role in improving the range and accuracy of an airsoft gun, thereby making gameplay easier and more exciting.

What is Airsoft Hop-up – Related FAQs

Does Hop-up Increase FPS?

Hop-up increases the FPS or muzzle velocity of an airsoft gun. The more hop that is applied to a gun, the more energy loss or contact bucking due friction. But then, airsoft hop-up will not take off up to 100 FPS unless it is cranked up too much. This will make shooting quite difficult, if not impossible, because the gun will be very stiff.

Turn off the hop-up to prevent friction between the gun and the hop and the FPS will be about 20 – 25.

What Degree Hop-up Bucking Should I Get?

The best degree of hop-up to get for an airsoft gun is 70 degree. This degree recommendation has an FPS range of between 355 and 460 FPS and it is the most popular. Macaron bucking is developed for the specific purpose of using standard AEG and Maple Leaf Omega Tensioner guns. Using lower degree hop-up like 50 and 60 will take off up to 360 to 390 FPS.

On the flip side, using higher degree hop-up of 75 to 80 degrees will require about 420 to 490 FPS.

Does Hop-up Affect Accuracy?

Hop-up affects the accuracy and range of an airsoft BB. An airsoft hop-up back spins to boost the accuracy and range of BBs through a phenomenon known as Magnus effect. When this happens, the pressure on one end of the BB is increased or decreased to create a backspin, which then creates a perpendicular force that pulls the BB upwards.

When the Magnus effect takes place without any hitches, the accuracy of an airsoft BB is increased.

What Does Bucking Do in Airsoft?

Bucking is a hop-up component that helps to deliver a longer and accurate flight path for an airsoft BB. It is made of rubber and it is fitted over the barrel to facilitate a backspin. To get a higher FPS, it is important to get a high-quality hard type bucking.

Using a soft type bucking for a high FPS will cause the BB to curve up too much at the least amount of hop applied. A Hard bucking is more sensitive and will not overhop if they are adjusted properly.

Where is the Hop-up on an Airsoft Gun?

The hop-up on an airsoft gun is located between the top of the barrel and the gearbox. The hop-up has different components such as bucking, nubbing and hop up arm and they all play a vital role in determining how accurate an airsoft BB will be.

Since the location of the hop-up is deep down the barrel, the backspin energy required to lift the BB is high. This is why the airsoft gun relies on friction to shoot its BB.

Why Does My Airsoft BB Curve Up?

Airsoft BBs curve up if their barrels are dirty or if they are made of inferior materials. The inner barrel is the major component that affects a BB’s accuracy. It usually has an internal diameter of 6mm, which is made of metal to house the BBs. Even the tiniest amount of dirt in the barrel can change the BBs rotation and cause a shot curve.

Also, note that getting a low-budget BB means it will definitely come with some problems. The major problem these BBs have is that they have poor accuracy, which is caused by curves.