What is Airsoft – Everything You Need to Know

Airsoft is a simulation of gun combat sport where gamers shoot with BB weapons. Although many persons think airsoft is the same as paintball, there is a slight difference, which you will see in the course of this article. In this article, we will shed light on everything you need to know about airsoft.

In addition, we will also try to answer questions like how much are airsoft guns and when were they invented? Stick with us!

What is Airsoft
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What Does Airsoft Mean?

Airsoft is a competitive gunning sport, which gamers are required to “kill” their opponents with different weaponry such as BB guns, missiles, and bombs.

While many people may not notice any difference between airsoft and paintball, the major distinction is that pellets from the former do not leave any noticeable marks on its target. Although sometimes you may see some red welts on the bare skin of the target.

Airsoft game is developed in such a way that any target you give a fatal hit calls himself out, so you know you have one less enemy. Just like Nerf Blasters, most airsoft guns are fed through their magazines, while others are powered by refillable compressed gas such as  1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, propane, and carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, a lot of airsoft guns are designed like real guns, featuring mounting platforms and other firearm accessories. So airsoft games are more like a reenactment of early military combats. In fact, the United States adopted airsoft training for its military and law enforcement because of its cheaper and safer compared to real-life practice.

Another exciting thing about airsoft is that the games vary in composition and style. Depending on your preference, you can go for historical reenactments, close-quarters battle, and military simulation. In most of these combats, you need military strategies and knowledge to make it past any around.

Most airsoft games can be played indoors or outdoors. Plus, the players have tons of firearms at their disposal.

When was Airsoft Invented?

The origin of airsoft dates back to the early 1970s in Japan. At the time, it was against the law for private citizens to be in possession of firearms of any kind. The earliest airsoft guns were just like the real-life spring-powered guns that are fed with 6mm ball bullets.

A few years after its invention, airsoft guns became rampant in most parts of Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. In hindsight, the widespread of the game may have been due to the restrictions in those nations.

The next generation of airsoft guns that were introduced is air driven BB guns and cap-type pellet guns. The former worked on the principle of real semi-automatic firearms. To shoot it, you had to release the spring piston, and the plastic ball bullet will be propelled by air.

On the other hand, cap-type pellet guns made use of explosive caps to produce the sound replica of gunfire and remove the used cartridge.

In the 1950s, Mattel, a popular American toy brand, sold BB guns known as the Shooting Shells. These BB guns came with Stik-M-Caps and were very similar to spring-driven bullet guns.

It was not until the mid-1990s that airsoft ammunitions gained full acceptance in Europe and the United States. Airsoft gun manufacturing companies like Daisy started producing different firearms, some of which include the Replisoft, Powerstrike, and Soft Air. Daisy paved the way for others to follow in the gun market.

What are the Feelings Associated with Playing Airsoft?

The following feelings are experienced when playing airsoft:

i. Pain

ii. Disappointment

iii. Pleasure


Just as we have mentioned earlier, even though you are well kitted for gun combat, you will feel some discomfort. More so, the pain gets worse if the bullet hits you in an exposed body part.

Apart from the pain, you may notice bleeding, depending on the velocity of the bullet and the proximity of the gun. Furthermore, the pain may be very severe, especially if you are shot in a delicate body part like eye, nose, crotch, lips, and head.


While in certain circumstances, you may not feel any pain after being shot, you will definitely feel disappointed. Most especially if you are shot first by someone, you were aiming at.


A rush of excitement and inexplicable pleasure is experienced when playing airsoft, especially if you are conquering your opponents. This feeling can make airsoft players continue playing to the point that they lose track of time.

How to Prevent Pain from Airsoft Guns?

There are two ways to minimize the pain you get from airsoft guns. They are:

i. Avoid Your Enemies

ii. Use Protective kits

Avoid Your Enemies

Stay far away from your enemies during an airsoft game. This is the easiest and quickest way to get shot is by staying in shooting range of your enemies. So if you don’t want to get shot, try to stay away from the shooting distance of your enemies. If you must go close to them, ensure you are well protected.

Use Protective Kits

Some of the protective kits that will prove quite useful during an airsoft gun battle include a vest, helmet, earmuffs, eye protection goggles, face mask, gloves, and boots.

In airsoft games, if you are shot on your vest, you will feel very little to no pain at all. This is because the pellets are not designed to pass through a vest. One of the best vests you can get is the GZ XINXING S.

You can also use helmets to prevent pain associated with the head because they are made of hard materials. They are able to withstand BB bullets upon contact. Since the head is a delicate body part, helmets help to prevent injuries and pain.

If you are looking for a very durable and tough helmet, you can go for the PJ Type Tactical Airsoft Fast Helmet.

The ear is another delicate part of the body that needs to be protected from BB bullets. Earmuffs will come in handy when you want to protect your ears during an airsoft gun duel.

Meanwhile, one of the most painful spot to be shot in an airsoft game is the eye. More worrisome is the fact that even the lightest pellet shot from a very far distance can still be very dangerous.

So never go to an airsoft battlefield without adequate protection for your eyes. Eye protective goggles are the only thing that can protect your eyes from being damaged when you are hit by a bullet.

Furthermore, even though your eyes, head, and ears are protected, you still need to shield your face during an airsoft game. This is because if you are shot from afar or close distance, it will be excruciating. Face masks help to minimize the pain you and damage to your face when shot.

Gloves are another very good airsoft protective piece of equipment. While they may not protect you from BB bullets, they will definitely prevent hand bruises and scratches, especially when you are in a forest. So also try to wear hand gloves when you are playing airsoft.

Last but not least, you have put on boots so that BB bullets will not hurt your feet. Boots will also help you to run faster when you find yourself in a rather rough terrain.

Can an Airsoft Gun Kill?

The bullet of an airsoft gun is very painful but does not kill, no matter how close the target is. An airsoft bullet can lead to bleeding if it hits a fragile body part.

That said, a BB bullet coated with copper rather than the regular plastic coating is more dangerous. In some cases, your bones may be damaged, or it may even pierce through the skin if the bullet is fired from a 500 FPS rifle at a close range. And it’s needless to say that it would hurt you a great deal. But again, you won’t die.

We must quickly point out that there is a big difference between airguns and airsoft guns. So do not mistake both of them as the same. The former is a lethal weapon while the latter is a shooting instrument just for fun. Another difference is that airguns are fired by air pressure and spring movement. On the other hand, airsoft guns work with only spring movement.

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Which is more Painful Airsoft or Paintball?

Airsoft is more painful than paintball. Airsoft guns are usually designed to shoot a 6mm plastic bullet, which weighs between 0.20 to 0.30g and travel at a velocity of 400 FPS. If such a bullet hits a target, the impact will be 2.08 joules, which is slightly painful from a far distance.

On the other hand, the pellet of paintballs is slightly larger than that of airsoft. They weigh about 3.5 grams and measures roughly 0.68 inches in diameter. So it’s quite evident that paintballs will cause more pain on impact with any part of the body.

For instance, if a 3-gram paintball bullet, which travels at a velocity of about 300 FPS hits you, the amount of energy impacted is about 13 joules, which is more than seven times that of airsoft. Going by this evaluation, you should play paintballs instead of airsoft if you are afraid of pain.

What are the Factors that Affect the Prices of Airsoft Guns?

The prices of airsoft guns are affected by the following factors:

i. Specifications

ii. Brand

iii. Production materials


The prices of airsoft guns are affected by a number of factors such as the level of accuracy, the power of the weapon, the durability, the ammunition-holding capacity, the realness of the firearm, and sound of the trigger. All these factors will determine how much an airsoft gun is sold.


In the business world, most times, you are actually paying for the “brand name” instead of the product you are buying. That is why brands are classified into low-end, mid-level, and high-end. The same applies to airsoft accessories.

High-end airsoft brands include LCT, Salient Arms, and G&G. Their airsoft accessories are usually sold for a high rate, notwithstanding the performance of such a product. Mid-level airsoft companies such as Ares, ICS Airsoft, and Lancer Tactical tend to sell their products at a somewhat average price. While low-end brands such as UK Arms, Colt, and Galaxy offer the cheapest airsoft equipment, you can find anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, note that most low-end brands actually produce dupes or clones of the high-end airsoft products and sell them at a cheaper rate.

Production Materials

Another factor that affects the price of airsoft guns is the materials they are made from. While some airsoft rifles are made of gas and electric firing mechanism, others are powered by springs. Because of the high level of engineering involved, electric powered airsoft guns are usually more expensive than the other two. But the cheapest is usually spring-operated airsoft guns.

Additionally, the magazines of airsoft guns are usually classified as standard capacity, mid-capacity, and high capacity. The higher an airsoft magazine’s capacity is, the more pricey the gun tends to be.

Furthermore, the bullet or pellet of an airsoft gun affects its price. The regular BB bullets, which are made of plastics, are quite cheap, while those made of steel tend to be more costly. Steel pellets airsoft guns are usually weightier than plastic guns, which accounts for their durability and stability.

Now that you have an idea of how intriguing airsoft games are, you may want also to know how much it costs to start playing it. Or maybe you just want to find out where you can get affordable airsoft accessories.

To know how much airsoft guns cost depends on a number of factors. First of all, just like most products, when it comes to airsoft equipment, you get what your pocket can afford. There are tons of options available to choose from, whether you are looking for low-budget, durable, or sophisticated accessories.

If you are on a budget, note that the specifications for most affordable airsoft firearms models may not be exactly the way it is marketed. Low-budget airsoft guns and accessories are usually short-lived. So they are recommended for those who just want to use the game to blow off some steam.

However, if you are looking at becoming an expert in the game, you should be ready to let go of hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

Furthermore, you must ensure that before you buy an airsoft gun, it must be upgradable. This way, as you advance in the game, you will have access to the weapons required to achieve the set targets. But then, upgradable airsoft guns are usually quite pricey, so it is for those who can be committed to the game. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money.

If you still don’t fully understand what airsoft is all about, the video below will be very helpful. Check it out…

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Airsoft is a gun sports simulation in which players are equipped with weapons to defeat their opponents. Airsoft is more or less a reenactment of early military combats.

What is Airsoft – Related FAQs

Is Airsoft legal in America?

Airsoft is legal in America. However, there are some restrictions on airsoft guns. In America, the legal age to use any airsoft weapon is eighteen years and above. Each state has laws governing the use of airsoft guns. In some states, however, airsoft guns are not allowed entirely.

Although airsoft weapons are not considered firearms, they have the potential to cause serious damage. As a result, individuals using airsoft guns to commit crimes are treated as criminals that use real firearms.

Are Airsoft Guns Illegal in the UK?

Airsoft guns are legal in the U.K. However, they are only to be sold to individuals who are already eighteen years of age and over. Airsoft replicas are imitation firearms that do not necessarily need strict supervision, notwithstanding, there are laws governing their use.

Altering the appearance of airsoft guns is considered a crime in the U.K. Anyone found guilty of doing that and transporting realistic firearms into the Country will serve a jail term or asked to pay a fine.

Is Airsoft Gun Loud?

Some airsoft guns are loud. The gas blowback airsoft gun is an airsoft replica that is relatively loud if it is not used with a silencer. They also tend to be louder in enclosed spaces than on the field, so to a large extent, the environment the airsoft gun is used determines how loud the sound will be.  

The gas blowback are airsoft replicas that use pneumatic potential energy stored in compressed gas to shoot and are designed for both automatic and semi-automatic shooting.

Are Airsoft Guns Good for Self-defence?

Airsoft guns are not the best tool for self-defence. Airsoft replicas are different from real firearms and they have limitations regarding the damage they can cause. When the BBs are shot, they tend to hurt a little and leave some scars. In this case, depending on where the BBs hit and how many times the BBs are shot, the blow can slow down an assailant and the victim gets enough time to get away.

On the other hand, attacking an assailant with an airsoft gun may result in more fatal blows on the victim. So, whatever the case may be, the victim has to act very fast when working with an airsoft gun.

Can Airsoft Guns Break the Skin?

Airsoft pellets can break the skin. However, some factors are bordering on it. Airsoft guns use airsoft pellets or plastic BBs as imitation bullets. If these pellets are fired with enough kinetic energy, they have the potential to penetrate the skin and cause injuries. Some airsoft replicas, however, cannot shoot BBs quicker than 200 feet-per-seconds.

In this case, when the BBs are shot, the airsoft player feels nothing more than a little sting on the skin. Nevertheless, airsoft guns that shoot faster than 200fps may leave some welts on the skin.

Is Airsoft a Dying Sport?

Airsoft is not a dying sport. Airsoft is a fairly new sport but it has grown in popularity and today, many people understand what it entails. The airsoft game is affected by several factors, among which are money, participation and state laws. Organizing an airsoft sporting event requires a lot of money, and if the resources are not in place, it may be a little difficult to keep up.

The intensity of the airsoft game depends largely on participation. If the airsoft field is unable to keep participation up to a certain level, then they may be forced to close down. Some state laws discourage the use of airsoft guns and the organization of airsoft games.

Why is Airsoft So Popular?

Airsoft is very popular because of the thrills and excitement associated with the sport. Airsoft allows people to handle imitation firearms. In this case, people feel they are handling the real firearm and since some airsoft replicas have a realistic feel to them, the equation becomes balanced.

Airsoft is also popular because it is less messy and painful compared to paintball. There are exceptions to the airsoft game that allows players to return to participate in the game. Whereas in paintball, the reverse is the case.