How to Pick a Good Airsoft Gun – Comprehensive Guide

Airsoft guns come in different styles and sizes, so it can be a tad confusing when it’s time to get one for yourself. As always, in our bid to make things easier for you, we have put together this comprehensive guide to show you how to pick a good airsoft gun.

How to Pick a Good Airsoft gun
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What are the Accessories Needed for all Kinds of Airsoft Games?

To play any kind of airsoft game, the following accessories are a necessity:

i. Scopes

ii. Lasers

iii. Flashlights


First of all, get yourself acquainted with the types of airsoft games and the rules that apply to them. An outdoor field loadout differs from a CQB loadout. Since the CQB airsoft takes place in secluded places and tight corners, the game is considered fast-paced. So, your gear and ammunition have to be in correspondence to that.

Get an airsoft gun that is flexible and can accommodate enough BBS. Optic sights and scopes are wonderful ways to zero in on your target from a hiding position. Protective gear will keep you from sustaining fatal injuries during the game.

Optic scopes are essential accessories for airsoft guns. Scopes are illuminated optic sights specially designed to help you see far and ultimately change your target game.

Unlike the telescope, the optic scope is built with a reticle that helps you aim your gun. The reticle is unarguably the most important part of the scope. Without the reticle, the scope is just an ordinary telescope.

Other parts of the scope include the objective lens, the ocular lens, the turrets – which help you to adjust windage and elevation, zoom and parallax adjustments. For better user experience, you may want to get a scope mount so you can view your target from a hidden position without getting noticed.


Lasers are supplementary tools to aid your aiming. However, they must be utilized responsibly. A major drawback to lasers is that they are easily obstructed by objects. They veer off the line of fire immediately; they come in contact with a solid object.


Purchasing a tactical flashlight can be quite expensive. So before you are buying one, you need to know how often you would be using it. Most airsoft players’ responses are, they do not plan on playing the game at night. In essence, they would not necessarily need a flashlight.

However, we cannot completely rule out the effect a tactical flashlight adds to weapon’s aesthetics. Most airsoft players purchase this tool to enhance beauty.

But, if you plan on using yours quite often, we recommend you get a mini-maglite. The mini-maglite comes with long-lasting batteries and an adjustable cone angle that fits well in a scope mount. 

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What are the Secondary Weapons Needed for Airsoft?

The most popular secondary weapons for airsoft are handguns and pistols. Get a pistol, load it up with BBs and stuff it in protective gear. To power support firearms for airsoft, go for a weapon with automatic and semi-automatic settings, speed loader, and a spring-powered system.

Also, bear in mind that secondary weapons are meant to be lightweight, compact, and flexible. You do not want to carry around anything that would weigh and slow you down.

Airsoft players are usually advised to have a backup plan. There is every possibility you might run out of BBs or experience mechanical failure. At this point, your only saving grace is the extra weapon you carried along.

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How Effective are Long Range Airsoft Guns?

A long-range airsoft gun is very effective in field airsoft because it is built to target an opponent at a minimum distance of 30 yards. Its accuracy and speed are also very high. Long-range airsoft guns are not recommended for close quarterback (CQB) airsoft because they will cause severe injuries, especially if they are used by beginners.

Getting a good airsoft gun is not all that difficult. Understandably, any airsoft gun that can project and fire at long distances is considered powerful, since most airsoft games require that you shoot at your opponent from pretty far distances.

Are Optics Important in Airsoft?

The optic is an important part of the gun. There are different types of optics, and their uses are quite different. Optics are tools that will enhance gameplay if the right one is selected. An optic by itself cannot make a gun better or worse. If it is attached to an airsoft gun without ensuring the proper adjustments are in place, it will have no effect on the performance.

Once you have decided you want to use an optic, you will be looking at two main categories: scopes or sights. These two categories have very distinct characteristics, and you may want to thread carefully before picking one.

Scopes are adjustable optics, and they can sometimes loosen during operation. Once your scopes are reduced, it can take some time to adjust. On the hand, optic sights are quick to target and are very affordable. There are two major sight types: the red dot sight and iron sight. 

The red dot sights are relatively faster than the iron sights. They allow for faster target acquisition and shot adjustments. They come in varied sizes to fit any size of airsoft gun.

How Effective is the “Spray and Pray” Strategy in Airsoft?

The ‘spray and pray’ strategy in airsoft is not very effective. This method requires the player to shoot at the opponent in a long burst of shots. They do not make any attempt to slow down, target, and line up each shot.

The ‘spray and pray’ strategy has no similarity with suppressive fire since the shooting is poorly directed. So, players consequently ran out of BBs ever before the game is even over.

After realizing the ineffectiveness of this strategy, other strategies were devised. Since the inception of these new tactics, the airsoft game and community at large has experienced tremendous changes. However, bear in mind that you cannot gain mastery if you do not practice. As the popular saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

One fascinating thing about the airsoft game is that it will require you to come up with tactics and tricks to beat your opponent. This will help you strategize and map out your plan. However, the situation you are in determines the kind of tactic you would employ.

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Video: How to Pick Your First Airsoft Gun

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There are tons of airsoft guns available in the market, so choosing one that meets your needs might be quite difficult. But thankfully, if you have gone through this article, we are sure that you will make an informed buying decision.

How to Pick a Good Airsoft Gun – Related FAQs

Is Airsoft Station a Good Website?

Airsoft Station is a great website that offers customers a memorable airsoft shopping experience. This is achieved by not just providing high-quality products, but also top notch customer service. The brand goes the extra mile by offering warranties on all products to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase.

The prices of all products listed on Airsoft Station website are not only pocket-friendly, but also commensurate with the value of the product. The customer review section of the brand’s website is a testament of the quality of product and service offered.

Can You Rent Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns can be rented. The rent period most agencies allow is daily, but weekly and monthly duration are also available. The price of renting an airsoft gun depends on the type, brand, and price. So, it is not surprising if similar guns by different brands have different rental rate.

Another thing to note about renting an airsoft gun is that only prepaid option and in-person payment options are available. After paying, the airsoft equipment is only given out on the day of the game.

Will 400 FPS Kill a Squirrel?

A 400 FPS airsoft pistol can kill a Squirrel or rabbit in a single hit. The fastest way to kill a squirrel is by head shot at a maximum distance of 20 yards, using a 14.2 grams pellet. The muzzle energy of such a shot is about 5 ft. lbs. Using an airsoft rifle from a distance of 50 yards will also get the job done, with a higher muzzle energy of about 13 ft. lbs.

The acceleration of a pellet drops gradually before it hits a target, so the muzzle energy with which the pellet leaves a gun is lower than the energy that hits the target.

Is .177 or .22 Stronger?

.177 is better than .22 for hunting because the former has a higher initial velocity, while the latter has a higher muzzle energy. .177 has a longer kill zone range, which measures about 6 yards. This data, however, does not show the projectile relationship between the gun and the target.

Slower, heavier, and larger projectiles usually lead to a greater chance of finishing a target in one strike. On the other hand, .22 shoots faster but has a flatter trajectory that does not have much impart on the target.

What was the First Airsoft Gun?

Spring airsoft guns were the first type of airsoft weapons to be created. They were first released in the mid 1970s, at a time when carrying of real firearms was illegal for private citizens. The similarities between real firearms and airsoft firearms made it a popular choice for many people.

Although the person who created the first airsoft firearm is not known, it was made in Japan. As time went on, all kinds of airsoft guns were introduced in the market to meet the rising demand.

Is there Any MILSIM Where You Can Rent Airsoft Guns?

There is no place for renting MILSIM airsoft weapons. Unlike conventional airsoft games, MILSIM lasts for several days rather than just a few hours. In most MILSIM airsoft games, players are not allowed to enter the arena without the right gear. So, buying the necessary equipment is the only available option for MILSIM airsoft players, since renting is not possible yet.

If renting MILSIM airsoft equipment were possible, it would be advisable to go for a few skirmishes first to know if the game is worth spending money on.