How to Make a Spring Airsoft Gun – Step-by-step Guide

Airsoft guns are powered by springs, gas, electricity, or batteries. In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to make a spring airsoft gun by yourself.

How to Make a Spring Airsoft Gun
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Unlike other airsoft guns, spring-powered airsoft guns have better shooting prowess. They have great distance accuracy and are the most ideal for beginners.

How Does a Spring Airsoft Gun work?

A spring-powered airsoft gun works by the action of a spring, which shoots off the BBs every time the trigger is pulled. Since the spring compresses and enlarges each time the trigger is pulled, the BBs have more energy to travel farther than it would normally do.

Although this option has great distance accuracy, it can be a disadvantage on a close quarter battle in an airsoft game. This is because the gun needs to be cocked every time a BB is shot.

So, unlike other airsoft guns that give you the liberty to keep shooting till the power is out, the spring option, unfortunately, does not offer this.

Nevertheless, since these airsoft guns are a hundred percent manually powered, there’s no need for gas and batteries. And this means that you can keep firing until your BBs run out. So, you do not need to worry about your rifle failing.

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How to Construct a Homemade Spring-Powered Airsoft Gun?

To construct a homemade spring-powered airsoft gun, follow these steps:

i. Gather all the necessary materials

ii. Separate the pen

iii. Stretch the spring

iv. Get the BBs

v. Load the BBs

vi. Test the shooting performance

Gather All the Necessary Materials

Constructing an airsoft rifle is less of a hassle once you have all the necessary materials and equipment in place. You will need to get some BBs, masking tape – about three to four inches long,  a k’nex connector, a piece of toilet paper, a pen that clicks, dental floss, and plyers.

Separate the Pen

Once you have arranged your materials on the table, pick up the pen and take it apart. Open up the pen and pour out all the materials in it.  You will not need the entire pen itself so that you would be picking out only useful parts. You can throw away the point head of the pen, the ink tube, and the push part of the pen since we would not need them.

Stretch the Spring

Every click pen has a spiral spring that engineers the entire click-push process you notice in them. Once you push down the point head of the pen, the spring compresses, the pen comes out, and the pen makes a click sound. Once you push on it again, the spring decompresses, and the pen’s tip is back inside.

Now, take the spring and stretch it out. Be careful not to stretch it too much as this will reduce the compressing and decompressing effect in the spring.  Cut out a 6-inch long piece of dental floss and tie it on one end of the spring. Next, take out your masking tape and tape the loose end to one side of the pen case.

Get the BBs

Since you do not have a real BB, the cutout piece of tissue should suffice. Now, take out your piece of toilet paper and split it in two. Remember that the square section of the toilet paper is made up of two thin sections. So, you might want to take proper care when you are splitting it.

Take a split piece and fold it into a small cylindrical-like ball. Put this folded piece into the pen. Make sure you place this piece in the taped section of the pen

However, if you have a BB, there is absolutely no need for you to use the piece of toilet paper, or you can simply use both.

Load the BBs

Now that your bullet is set and you have placed it in pen, the next step is to compress it. So, pick up your k’nex piece and compress your paper piece so that it is tight and sealed. Remove the k’nex piece and place your BB inside the pen. Take out your stretched string, place it in, and finally, put in your k’nex piece.

However, bear in mind that the BB is not compulsory. If you have a BB, feel free to use it alongside the paper piece. If you do not, just use the paper piece as the bullet. Either way, your spring gun works perfectly.

Test the Shooting Performance

Now that your spring gun is constructed and ready, you are ready to shoot. So, choose a convenient distance, place a target, and hit the k’nex piece once the k’nex piece is pushed, your spring gun fires.

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How to Convert a Spring-powered Airsoft Gun to a Fully Automatic Gun?

To convert a spring-powered airsoft gun to a full-auto, do the following:

i. Select a gun

ii. Open the gun and gut it

iii. Make an air source

iv. Connect the air source to the hop-up

v. Load the gun and shoot

Select a Gun

When deciding on the type of airsoft rifle you should use, you should opt for a ‘T’ style hop-up. This hop-up is called a ‘T’ style because of the way it is shaped. It has an internal build consisting of intersecting tubes that has a ‘T’ shape.

You can find this type of hop up in many spring action airsoft guns and some electric firearms as well. This hop-up system is very effective for this purpose.

Open the Gun and Gut It

The opening technique of an airsoft gun varies from gun to gun. While some are hard, a majority of the others are quite easy to open. So, pick up your airsoft gun and figure out the way to open it. You can go online to search for the opening technique for your airsoft model or you could simply meet a veteran airsofter.

So, once you have figured it out, open it up and remove pieces that do not relate to the barrel, magazine, and hop up. Carefully pick out these pieces and try not to scatter the arrangement. Materials that you would leave behind are the levers and slides, and parts that help to keep the hop up and barrel in position.

Make an Air Source

As discussed earlier, it is imperative you get a source of compressed air. You can get an air compressor or any other source of air supply. These alternative sources are cost-effective and efficient in delivering.

Since the main aim is to get an ample amount of air sufficient to push your hop up, getting a temporary valve would sure make the whole process less hard.

The temporary valve serves as a gateway. So, the compressed air only comes out when the valve is pushed down. You can connect your air source to this valve. Also, you can use the handle of a pressure washer alongside your closed valve. This method has a great trigger structure, which will give your BBs more momentum to travel.

However, if you are unable to get an air compressor or the handle of a pressure washer, a PVC pipe will suffice. So, look around or a stroll down to a nearby tool shop and purchase a PVC pipe that is about two inches long. Get a cover or cap on one end of the pipe and a reducer fitting placed at the other side. Then, connect the reducer fitting to your blowgun.

Check out this video to see how you can convert a spring-powered airsoft gun to a semi-auto…

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Connect the Air Source to the Hop-up

Now that you have successfully created an air source, you will need to source for a momentary passageway for the air to pass through your hop-up. First, make sure that nothing is blocking the passageway of your BBs. Remove anything that looks like an obstruction and set your BBs in place.

Next, take the 2.5-inch flexible tube attached to the back of your airsoft gun, where the airsoft’s nozzle is located. If you are unable to find the tube, you can use the empty tube of a pen as an alternative. Now, take the other side of your flexible tube and attach it tightly to your valve’s output end.

Load the Gun and Shoot

Since your airsoft gun is ready and you are probably psyched about shooting, the next thing you may want to do is fire. But do not. You need to check that your ammunition is in place, and all connections are tight. So, put in your BBs, check your airsoft and open up the valve.

If everything is in place, you would hear a little hushing sound as you fire your BBs.

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Final Words

A spring airsoft gun is one of the easiest to construct and use. You just have to get the necessary tools, follow the steps we mentioned above, and we have got yourself a homemade spring airsoft gun!

How to Make a Spring Airsoft Gun – Related FAQs

Are Spring-powered Airsoft Guns Good?

Spring-powered airsoft guns are good for all types of airsoft games. Even though they have slower fire rate compared to electric and gas-powered guns, they require less loading time, which means non-stop action. To get the most out of spring-powered airsoft, use them as primary or backup weapons. Although they do not have as much range as gas-powered guns, they are very easy to use, so beginners will find them handier.

Beginner airsoft players are usually advised by professionals to go for full size spring powered airsoft rifles.

Are Spring-powered Airsoft Guns Automatic?

Spring-powered airsoft guns are not automatic in operation. Users are expected to power them manually by pumping their springs for the BBs to fire from the barrel as the trigger is pulled. Airsoft players looking for an automatic gun should go for the automatic electric gun (AEG). With its popularity in the airsoft market, getting it at a pocket-friendly price won’t be difficult.

AEGs are powered by springs, but the difference between them and spring-powered guns is that they also come with a gearbox.

Do Heavier Airsoft BBs Go Farther?

Heavier airsoft BBs are designed to move farther than light BBs. However, they are slower because they retain more energy in the process. O.12 BBs are not recommended for airsoft because they tend to curve. 0.25 BBs should be used for CQB airsoft, while 0.30 BBs are ideal for field airsoft because their FPS is high enough.

For snipers, a minimum of 0.40 BBs should be used because they travel the farthest and are not affected by the elements.

What is a Good FPS for Airsoft Sniper?

A good airsoft sniper is supposed to come with at least a velocity of 300 to 500 FPS. Most gas-powered models often exceed this range, but they are very expensive. For an airsoft sniper to be able to maximize its range, it has to have a high FPS. In addition, airsoft snipers are designed to have great precision, so they are fitted with long barrels.

Although the barrel of an airsoft sniper makes it more realistic, but beginners will have a tough time getting used to it.

What is the Most Powerful Airsoft Pistol?

The most powerful airsoft pistol is the KWA M93R-2. With its compact and lightweight construction, it is able to offer semi-automatic and shot burst modes. Airsoft players who need more firepower than what a conventional pistol can afford, should go for the KWA M93R-2. It is fitted with a foregrip that can be folded for better control and comfort.

The magazine of the KWA M93R-2 delivers 32 rounds, which travel at a velocity of 380 FPS. This gun is powered by green gas, so its performance cannot be questioned.

What is the Most Popular Airsoft Gun?

The most popular airsoft gun in the world is the JG M4A1 S System AEG. This weapon is recommended for professional airsoft players who have experience in using carbines. It is powered by a 8.4-volt battery that can be detached to charge. The magazine of the JG M4A1 is designed to hold 250 rounds and can be toggled between full-auto and semi-auto firing mode.

What makes the JG M4A1 popular is a customizable hop-up set system that decreases the rate of rounds dropping.